Do you really need a web design agency?

Thinking about hiring a web design agency?  Think again. Is that really all you need, an agency that designs websites? Even if ‘design’ also encompasses building your site, I am not sure that is enough for most organizations.

Do you really need a web design agency?
It’s not enough to launch a website anymore, you also have to think about its long term running. There are so many questions to answer. Questions like:
• Is your website recovering its costs?
• How are you measuring its success?
• Who is responsible for ensuring content is accurate and up to date?
• What happens if a user complains about accessibility?
• Who decides if there are disagreements about what should be on the site?
The list could go on.

More than just building sites, organizations need help, setting policies and procedures, outlining a roadmap for future development, carrying out ongoing testing, establishing responsibilities and roles. Organizations need a partner that can help with building a web team, setting policies and procedures, outlining a roadmap for future development, carrying out ongoing testing, establishing responsibilities and roles. They don’t just need somebody who is going to point out the problems, but an agency that will get involved in finding solutions.
Sure, there are smaller organizations that don’t need all of this. However, these are the kind of organizations that are probably better off working with a freelancer. Yes, there are some organizations that have already done all of this thinking and have their internal processes in place, but I suspect these are thin on the ground.

A web agency rather than a web design agency

My point is that most organizations need more than a web design agency that builds their site. They need a partner who can get really stuck into the organization and help to answer these questions. Here at aab design inc. we are not just a web design agency, our mission is to help established companies to become more successful 
in the digital world. We do that by taking the time to understand your goals and your business objectives, and by working with you to design & deliver bespoke WordPress solutions that gain you significant business advantage.

You may have noticed that on our website we don’t call ourselves a web design agency anymore; we refer to ourselves as a digital marketing agency. That is because we believe our clients need a lot more than pretty pictures and development. Increasingly the work we do is as much about strategy, governance and measurement, as it is about building sites.
Our focus is on creating websites our clients are proud of, and websites we are proud to put our name to. We don’t just build websites, we build brands, and we know how important it is for a business to have a brand which represents its personality, goals and objectives.
So next time you go to hire a web design agency, ask yourself whether you actually need something more, at aab design inc. we offer the services that you need. We are designing Responsive and Mobile websites for the 21st Century.

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