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3 key Instagram content ideas to use this summer

Summertime is the perfect time for your business to capture the attention of new customers on Instagram with compelling, creative content. But, it can be difficult to come up with engaging content ideas while you’re busy running your business. Don’t worry, we have you covered.  Use these content ideas to get your Instagram summer ready […]

3 Reasons to Look Beyond Instagram to Build Your Brand

Social media giant Instagram is the current darling of online merchants seeking to boost their brands through word-of-mouth marketing, thanks to a rapidly-growing audience and aspirational, product-focused imagery.  Sellers who hope to establish lasting customer relationships, however, will need to do more than launch a hashtag campaign. For online retailers, the biggest problem with Instagram […]

Mobile Web Navigation Best Practices

Smartphones are not simply phones, but users’ favorite devices for checking destinations, locations, schedules, and bank balances. Internet browsing is almost completely transferred to handheld devices, knowing how much time busy people spend on the go, and all the situations in which they’d grab their phone and surf the internet.   Image source: Basov Design […]

Building Blocks for a Successful Website Redesign

Do I Need a New Website? Architects work with construction developers to build spaces. Graphic designers work with coders to build websites. The “brain” draws up a visionary blueprint and the “brawn” ensures that vision is realized to its fullest potential. For architects, understanding the intricacies of laying bricks can greatly impact the outcome of […]

14 Hot Web Design Trends From 2015

The loudest content medium out there has finally learned how to be quiet. In 2015, web design moved away from information overload to an aesthetic revolving around empty space and simplicity. Taking a cue from magazines, web pages are using large high-definition photographs and typography to lure in readers with eye-pleasing openers before revealing further content. […]

10 Timely Tweets by Allison Howen

Twitter is a fast-paced environment, which means that a brand’s posts can be pushed down the newsfeed in a matter of seconds. In order to stay both top-of-mind with consumers and at the top of their newsfeed, brands are always looking for ways to increase their visibility. One of the ways they can do this […]

Website DO’s and DONT’S

These great tips will certainly help to increase your website traffic and have your visitors stay longer. As a Social Media marketer, you want people to stay on your website, love what they see and either contact you or buy. Right? Oh, you think you’re not a marketer? Well if you have a business you […]