Website DO’s and DONT’S

These great tips will certainly help to increase your website traffic and have your visitors stay longer.
As a Social Media marketer, you want people to stay on your website, love what they see and either contact you or buy. Right? Oh, you think you’re not a marketer? Well if you have a business you need to think of not only your creative business hat on, but your sales and marketing hat on too. Social Media marketing is more important than ever.

It’s not just about putting up a Facebook Page or a Pinterest account. Nor is it about having create a website and forgetting about it. Even if you delegate the work you need to have a grasp of the facts that it takes all the components of Social Media marketing working together to create a successful business.

So as we’re talking about how to get more traffic to your website here, just think of one word – ease. Ease is the name of the game these days. Ease of navigation, easy to read and relevant content, easy to find what you want on the site and easy ways to contact the business owner. Users expect more and more. A fast load time for your website is also important. If things are too confusing, take too long and all too hard they’ll never hang around to see, hear or read your Social Media marketing message. These ease elements apply to all your marketing but if you keep them top of mind for your website that’s a great start.

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