What We Do

We specialize in guiding projects from discovery phase through UI/UX consulting and information architecture, all the way through website development and post-launch ongoing maintenance and support.  Our main focus in the last few years has been open source web development in WordPress, Joomla and Drupal content management systems and custom PHP projects, with responsive design front end work targeting continually expanding mobile market.

With an organized and efficient workflow, fast turn-around, competitive rates, and excellent customer service, we strive to be the premier web development resource for our partners.

Our team of consists of project managers with more than a decade of experience managing and consulting on high profile web projects; senior-level developers capable of any 3rd party integration via API, JSON or XML; top front end specialists using continuously updated tools and code libraries to deliver exceptional results; and quality control team using industry standard automated, visual and case-based testing to guarantee high fidelity match to approved creative and technical specifications.

Abbas Baig – Founder

Abbas Baigme2 is a user experience designer specializing in usability, information architecture, and user interface design. His business, aabdesigninc. is based in greater Los Angeles, CA and enjoys client relationships with global corporations as well as promising start-ups.

Abbas has enjoyed more than a decade of UX work in business, consumer, and enterprise applications.

As an information architect and UI designer, Abbas uses agile and user-centered methods to help his clients define business requirements and translate  usability feedback into rapid prototypes and outstanding products.

Over the years, Abbas has had occasion to work on just about every type of client engagement, including B-to-B, B-to-E, and B-to-C projects, Web apps, enterprise portals, enterprise application design, and customer relationship management tools. His vertical areas of expertise include high tech, real estate, financial services, insurance, life sciences, and social media. The breadth and depth of his track record enable him to serve as an engaging communicator who can unite different departments within an organization and bring focus and clarity to even the most complex of client challenges.

Abbas has a Masters degree in Information Systems Management from Northwestern University and an Art History/Arts Administration from Boston University. He likes to go running and hiking with his Boston Terrier and Doberman Pinscher because they all like to eat carb-rich foods.


Work Breakdown Structure

Website Design - 91%
Social Media - 93%
SEO - 95%
Email Marketing - 92%
Wordpress - 99%

How We Do It


Strategy shapes the goals of the project—what the organization is hoping to achieve with the project and how its success should be measured. We Learn Your Product, Your Market, and Your Needs.


Research phase is key to creating an informed user experience. Our projects comprise significant user and competitor research activities, informal interviews and a survey.


Analysis phase is where we draw insights from data collected during the Research phase. Capturing, organizing and making inferences from the “what” can help us begin to understand the “why”.


The Design phase is collaborative and iterative. Building on the user feedback loop and represented by paper prototypes, interactive wireframes, or semi-functioning prototypes, all deliberately created in low-fidelity to delay any conversation relating to graphic identity, branding or visual details.